Trinidad Trip

In January, 2015, several members of OSteel traveled to Trinidad to perform in the famous Panorama competition as a part of Birdsong Steel Orchestra! Our goals for our winter term trip included:

  • Growing as musicians and performers.
  • Acquiring pan-playing techniques, rehearsal practices, and band management skills that can be integrated into OSteel upon returning to Oberlin.
  • Establishing personal meaning and connection with an event that is integral to the modern pan world, as well as developing a greater understanding of what Panorama means to Trinidad and to the international pan community.
  • Learning about the history and culture of Trinidad and of the steel pan.
  • Bringing our new knowledge back to Oberlin to share with our bi-annual Steel Drum ExCo class and the greater Oberlin community.

Through this trip to Trinidad, the birthplace of pan, we have been able to establish a relationship within the worldwide steel pan community. OSteel is committed to honoring and learning about the history and culture of the steel pan, so we feel so lucky we had the chance to send thirteen OSteel members to Trinidad. We had a spectacular time and are so thankful to all of the wonderful people we met down there–check out this link to our blog!

We also want to extend a HUGE thanks to all who supported us in that endeavor, financially & otherwise!