This crazy band of ours has a long and very twisted history starting in 1980! Following is a list of the two decades of Obies who have passed through the panyard. The list is nowhere near complete, so if you have any further information, please, please, please send it to the band. Down at the bottom you’ll find our founding members, who started something kinda neat, and we all thank you!

Name Instruments Years About
Ave Bisesi Double Tenor Spring 2015-Spring 2017
Joseph Farago Tenor Spring 14-Spring 17
Galen Landsberg Double Seconds Fall 14-Fall 16
Noah Last Quads, Tenor Bass Fall 14-Spring 17
Amanda Leopold Tenor, Six Bass Fall 14- Spring 17
Samuel Rueckert Percussion Fall 15-Spring 2017
Noah "Sandy" Sanderson Double Seconds, Cello, Tenor Fall 13-Spring 17
Jeremy Simon Double Seconds, Cello Spring 14-Spring 17
Alexa Watson Tenor Bass Spring 15-Spring 17
Emma Berg Tenor Spring 13-Spring 16
Antonia "Bones" Chandler Tenor Fall 15-Spring 16
Claire "CC" Ciraolo Percussion Fall 14-Spring 16
Jess Hubert Quads, Tenor Bass Fall 13-Spring 16
Isabel Hulkower Tenor Fall 13-Spring 16
Mikey Mazzullo Tenor, Double Seconds Spring 14-Spring 16
Sarah Stratton Double Tenor Fall 14-Spring 16
Maya Zeemont Double Seconds Spring 14-Spring 16 Living in Berkeley, CA & working at Planned Parenthood, with plans to head to nursing school for PNP.
Monica Hunter-Hart Tenor Spring 12-Spring 15 Figuring out how to live and breathe music lucratively. Working & writing in NYC.
Eliot Hart-Nelson Six Bass Fall 12-Spring 15 Teaching English and cultural studies just outside of Vienna.
Audrey Knox Tenor Fall 12-Spring 15 Working with high schoolers in Chicago.
Matthew Marchand Double Tenor Spring 15 Living in Los Angeles and learning how to make more, better music.
Noah Jones Double Tenor, Aux Percussion Spring 11-Fall 14
James Luttrell Drum Set, Aux Percussion Spring 11-Spring 14
Tom Rathe Double Seconds, Aux Percussion Spring 11-Spring 14
Toby Irving Tenor Bass, Double Tenor Fall 11-Spring 14
Katie Rotman Tenor Fall 11-Spring 14 Working as an artist assistant at Art Omi's Residency Program and soon moving to Austin, Texas!
Becky Jones Double Seconds, Tenor Spring 12-Spring 14
Matt Gold Drum Set, Double Seconds Fall 09-Spring 13 Making music in Chicago.
Summer Lusk Cellos Fall 09-Spring 13 Masters student and graduate teaching assistant at the University of Colorado. Freelancing/researching/producing music on the side.
Alicia Dudziak Double Seconds, Tenor Fall 10-Spring 13 Living in Seattle, attending the University of Washington School of Social Work.
Anabel Hirano Tenor Bass, Tenor Fall 10-Spring 13 Living in Tokyo on a Shansi Fellowship.
June Hong Cellos, Double Tenor Fall 10-Spring 13 Chillin in the Bay Area.
Cate Hughes Tenor Fall 11-Spring 13
Eston Schweickart Quads Fall 12-Spring 13 Exploring the realms of academia from a computational perspective in Ithaca, NY.
Anne Thompson Double Tenor, Tenor Spring ’09-Spring ’12 Teaching English near Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Chris Canning Six Bass, Tenor Fall ’09-Spring ’12 Interning for the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.
Caroline Chen Quads Fall ’09-Spring ’12
Jeremy Siegel Tenor Fall ’09-Spring ’12
Will Georges Drum Set Fall ’09-Spring ’12 Teaching for America on the Big Island in Hawaii.
Galen Rogers Cellos Spring ’10-Spring ’12 Left his soul in the Badlands.
Meade Klingensmith Tenor Fall ’10-Spring ’12 Research assistant at a public policy journal in NYC.
Rosa Tu Tenor Bass Spring 09-Spring 11 Traveling to Ukraine
Leah "Sharpshooter" Baskt Tenor Spring 08-Spring 09 Grad student in neuroscience at UW in Seattle.
Tyler Stoll Tenor/Double Tenor Fall 08-Spring 11 Raising ducks, slaughtering rabbits, and doing non-profit work in Durham, NC.
Rachel Saudek Double Seconds Fall 08-Spring 11
Katarina Lunde Tenor, Quads Spring 09-Spring 11 Being awesome.
Shannon Rieke Aux Percussion Spring 08-Spring 10 Going to law school.
Joe McCall Tenor, Six Bass Spring 08-Spring 10 Teaching in his hometown of Charlottesville, VA.
Luke Hoffman Drum Set Spring 08-Fall 09 Running a painting business in Oberlin.
Sarah "Bruiser" Brabinski Tenor Fall 08-Spring 11 Biology research assistant at Case Western
Rebecca Eiseman Quads Fall 07-Spring 09 Working at a neighborhood market in San Francisco & playing with the CSM Panhandlers.
Nathaniel "Natty Boom-Boom" Meyer Tenor Spring 07-Spring 09 Working for Green Corps in PA
Lam La Double Tenor Fall 07-Spring 10 Building furniture in Boston.
Becca Page Double Seconds Fall 07-Spring 10 In China on Fulbright scholarship.
Zach Diamond Cellos Fall 07-Spring 10 In Peru on a Fulbright scholarship.
Zeke Runyon Double Seconds Spring 07-Spring 10 Living in San Francisco and working at a fruit company
Andrew Lawrence Six Bass, Tenor Bass, Double Seconds, Aux Percussion Spring 07-Spring 10 Playing with Organ Yank in Chicago.
Phil Kingsmith Tenor, Cello, Aux Percussion Fall 06-Fall 09 Playing music in Philly.
Toussaint Mears-Clarke Tenor Bass Fall 06-Spring 09 At the University of Chicago Medical School.
Mona Barber Double Seconds, Tenor Spring 06-Spring 09 Working at a violin shop in Seattle and sailing quite frequently.
Pete Steffy Aux Percussion 06-08 In Mexico on a Fulbright Scholarship.
Sam Lasser Double Seconds 06-08 Teaching English in Oman
Jody-Ann Allen Tenor 06-08
Maya Curry Tenor 06-08 Living & working in Amsterdam after a stint working for Time Magazine in DC.
Jeff "Jaff" Vaudrin-Mcclean Aux Percussion Fall 05-Spring 09 India?
Anna Vanderhorst Tenor 05-08 Going to medical school at UNC after two years of research at the UCSD Memory Research Laboratory
Zeev Saffir Double Tenor, Tenor Bass, Tenor 05-08 Selling dental supplies, coding websites, & transcribing Panorama arrangements after a year of teaching steelpan at Horace Mann High School in New York.
Laila Williams Aux Percussion 05-07 Dancing in Israel.
Katelyn Mueller Cellos 05-07 Working for a video game production company in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Hannah Neprash Double Seconds 04-07 Doing medicare policy research & writing limericks in Washington DC.
Paul Drake Drum Set 04-07 Living in Carboro, NC.
Lenore Braford Quads, Tenor 04-07 Making art in Asheville and farming in Australia.
Michael P. Geraci Cellos, Tenor 04-07 Working as a co-founder on Reducify in NYC after a cross-country bike trip
Katherine Erickson Quads, Cellos, Double Tenor, Tenor 03-07 Playing with C. elegans in a lab at NYU. Plays annually for Sonatas steelband in NY panorama.
Stephen Lind Double Seconds 03-06 Playing organ & doing software engineering in California/Switzerland. Plays annually for Sonatas steelband in NY panorama.
Wayne van Lieu Aux Percussion 03-06 Living in Mexico.
Luke Eddins Tenor 03-06 Living in New York City
Mia Casale Tenor, Double Seconds 03-06 Living in Italy.
Nadia Fellah Tenor, Seconds, Bass 03-06
Noah Smit Drum Set 01-05, 08-09 Living in Pittsburgh, PA after a stint in DC playing drumset for the Pan Masters Steel Orchestra. Recently played drumset for the winning bend in the Trinidad National Panorama 2008, Clico Sfortzata.
Emily Schultz Tenor, Cellos 02-05
Carolyn Mraz Cellos, Double Seconds, Tenor 03-05
Andy Callaway Aux Percussion 02-05 Living in Aspen, CO, giving snowmobile tours.
Ryan Brazell Quads, Bass, Double Tenor, Aux Percussion 03-05, 07-08 Living in San Francisco.
Abigail Sackmann Double Seconds 05
Timothy Gibbon Aux Percussion 01-04 Living in DC?
Oliver Cellos ?-04
Nansamba Ssensalo Tenor, Bass 01-04 Tagging music for Pandora in CA.
Adam Czernikowski Cellos 03-04 Graduate Studies at the University of Florida.
Tessa Shanks Double Seconds 02-04 Working in New York City
Sarah Buck Cellos 01-03
Lilly Rosenman Tenor 00-03
Cat Richert Double Seconds 01-03
Amy Cobden Tenor, Quads 01-03
Patia Maule Tenor, Bass 00-03 Teaches Spanish in Maine and performs with community steelbands there.
Scott Weaver Cellos 01-03 Germany?
Leah Patriarco Tenor, Bass 01-03 Graduate studies at Northwestern.
Joaquin Espinoza Aux Percussion 02
Peter Meredith 02
Anne Siegler 02
Connie Brichford Cellos 02
Abigail Chapin 02
Tom Jeanne Tenor, Bass 99-02 Arranged several pieces for the band, coordinated CD production for "Steel This Band," and overhauled the website. Now doing a residency in preventive medicine at OHSU in Portland, OR; suffering from a steel deficiency.
Stefan "Mr. President" Kamola Tenor, Bass 00-01 In Siberia throatsinging on a Watson's fellowship.
Molly "Rusty" Benson Double Seconds, Quads 00-01 In Los Angeles, working with movie stars.
Luke "Mindy" Fasano Drum Set, Aux Percussion 99-01 Working in Manhattan.
Jess "Honey Brown" Boehland Cellos 98-01 East Coast somewhere?
Lillian "Sunset" Kehler Cellos 98-01 In California.
Alexa "Genius" Kunitsugu Double Seconds, Quads 97-01 In Seattle?
Jackie "Surdu Crack Lady" Davis Cellos 98-01 In Alaska.
Alex "The Noo" Pojedinec Double Seconds 00
Jibrail "Tex" Nor Drum Set, Double Seconds 97-00
Jen "Don't Mess With Me" Prosser Tenor 97-00
Eric "Sinead" Suquet Aux Percussion, Tenor, Cellos 96-00
Matt "Sally" Norton Double Seconds, Drum Set, Aux Percussion 97-99
Amber "Quatsch" Ries Double Seconds 97-99
Kristen "Captain Carrot" Jones Double Seconds, Bass 96-99 Living in Baltimore MD, freelance musician mostly on cello/electric cello and occasionally double seconds.
Amanda "I Am Such A Slackah! (She Really Is!)" Brady Cellos 98-01 Living in DC, playing tenor with Panmasters
Liz "Cheese Nomad" Blayney Cellos, Bass 98
Matt "Double-Diamond" Hill Aux Percussion, Cellos 98
Laura "The Enigmatic" Slocum Tenor, Aux Percussion 98
Yoko "Can You Ski?" Endo Cellos, Percussion 97 Working as a research assistant in Tokyo at Capital Research Company, an American asset management company.
Alan Wiser
Samir Succar Tenor, Double Seconds, Aux Percussion 97
Devon Levy Strolovich Double Seconds 97 Ph.D. in Liinguistics
David "Bacchanal" Silva Tenor, Aux Percussion 97
Aashish Sunil Mehta Bass, Cellos, Tenor 97
Joel "Shakin" Hamburger Tenor, Double Seconds 97
Pat "Oh Baby" Buzby Drum Set 97
Erin Marks Tenor 96
Margaret Ewing Tenor 96
Nikki Bartnicki Cellos 96
Aryaman Shalizi Cellos 96
Rhian Davies Double Seconds 96
Sara R. Webb Bass, Cellos 96
Ian S. Hisert
Amy Cullinan Cellos 95
Ben Shaykin Double Seconds 95
Katie "Katydid" Tallman Cellos, Double Seconds 95
Ellen "Thrifty, AKA Java" Clegg Cellos, Tenor 95
Lisa Collins Cellos 94
Robbyn Kistler Tenor 94
Carlos "Curiously Strong" Walker Aux Percussion 94
Jason "Barq's" Ritt Bass, Cellos 94
Amy "U Turn" Floyd Double Seconds 94
Ian "Ejan" Kisert Tenor 94
Cynthia McGregor Double Seconds 94
Alexis "Turbo" Collins Double Seconds, Tenor 94
Brian Bartel Drum Set 93
Trudy "The Intruder" Wyss Double Seconds 93
Mak "Mac Daddy" Saito Cellos 93
Dan "Back Door", AKA "Boogie" Shafer Tenor 93
Jesse Rowe 92
Justin Dudley Double Seconds 92
Chris "Barbalute", AKA "Boomboom" Gates Drum Set 92
Evan Brubaker Bass, Drum Set, Cellos 90-92
Jason Mittell Cellos 90-91
Anna Talamo Double Seconds 91
Andy "The Flash" Russ Aux Percussion 90-92
Joshua Rothkopf Bass 90s
Tom "Stretch" McFadden Cellos 90s
Craig "Air Devo" McCord Cellos 90-92
Cassie Dragt 89-91
Carol "Ace" Arthur Double Seconds 89-91
Pete "Dr. Hand" Wolfram Tenor 90s
Keauxgeigh "Koji" Li Tenor 92
Myla "Torpedo" Goldberg Tenor 93
Janet Lewis 90-92
Lucy Dickinson Cellos, Drum Set 89-91
Alison Hinderliter Tenor 87-89
John Campbell Cellos 89
Brian Rice Percussion 85-89 Freelance percussionist in the Bay Area who specializes in Brazilian and Cuban music, but plays many styles; teaches and records as well. Married Leslie Sanders '91, with whom he has two daughters.
Josh Pawelek Drum Set 89
Meighhan Matthews Double Seconds 85-89
Kathleen Granrose 86-88 Received her PhD in Spanish literature from the University of Virginia in 2000 and taught at the University of Nebraska. Died in 2002. Her two grown sons and her new grandson are well and flourishing.
Ben Cohen Tenor, Double Seconds, Bass 85-88
Sara Hotchkiss Tenor 84-87 Working as an ecologist in the Botany department and the Center for Climatic Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Jessica Roberts Tenor 83-86
Thomas Major Bass, Aux Percussion 86
Jennifer Kahle Cellos 85
Sarah Fulton Cellos 84-85 Working at Case Western Reserve University as a Research Operations Manager. Married to Ronald Reunissen van Manen with two wonderful children.
Gavin Smith Tenor 82-85
John Wertheimer Tenor 81-85
Amy Kelley Double Seconds 84
Bob Bedell Bass 82-84
Alan Herrmann Tenor 80-84
John Michener - original Bass 79-83 Living in Minneapolis, married, owns a programming company specializing in AV systems.
Lalit Loomba Bass 82-85
Lee Erickson Double Seconds 82-85
Orestes Drum Set 82-85
Cara Coburn Double Seconds 82-87
Thomas Converse Cellos 83-84
Leon Alexander Drum Set 81-82
Tracey Tsugawa Double Seconds 82-84
Stuart Paton Aux Percussion 83-85
Roger Stratton Double Seconds 85-87
Daniel Gilfix Drum Set 84
Naomi Double Seconds 84
David Dunn - original Tenor, Aux Percussion 81-83
Josh Searle-White Cellos 81-82
Linda Papademas Tenor, Aux Percussion 83-85
Jim Rich - original Drum Set, Aux Percussion 81
Carl Radens - original Aux Percussion 81
Doug Schulkind - original Aux Percussion 80-83
Jim Chlebak - original Cellos 81
John Jutsum - original Tenor 81
Peter Pollack - original Tenor 81
Zoe Sherinian - original Double Tenors, Aux Percussion, Drum Set 80-84 Taken up the cajon in Flamenco contexts. Also finishing a second documentary on untouchable (Dalit) women drummers in India.
Howard J. Supnik Drum Set, Aux Percussion 83
Shannon Dudley - original Double Seconds 79-82
Mike Geller - FOUNDER Double Seconds 79-83
Toby Gordon - FOUNDER Double Seconds 79-82
Peter L. Mayer - FOUNDER Tenor 79-82