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  1. Colours Again Mark Loquan/Keron Boodoosigh/Joel Feveck, arr. Ken 'Professor' Philmore, trans. Zeev Saffir, arr. Tyler Stoll/Anne Thompson
  2. Margie Lord Kitchener, arr. Ray Holman, trans. Zeev Saffir
  3. Fire Down Below Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe, trans. Zeev Saffir
  4. Pan In The 21st Century Lord Kitchener, arr. Panazz Players, trans. Zeev Saffir
  5. Pan Woman Ray Holman, trans. Tom Miller
  6. I See Aysha Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe, trans. Zeke Runyon, arr. Zeke Runyon/Anne Thompson
  7. This Melody Sweet Baron, arr. Zach Diamond
  8. Off The Wall Michael Jackson, arr. Matt Gold
  9. Bandoleros Miguel Reyes, arr. Noah Smit


  • Chris Canning Six-Bass
  • Caroline Chen Quadrophonics
  • Alicia Dudziak Double Second
  • Will Georges Drum Set
  • Matt Gold Double Second
  • Anabel Hirano Tenor Bass
  • Cate Hughes Tenor
  • Monica Hunter-Hart Tenor
  • Toby Irving Double Tenor
  • Becky Jones Tenor
  • Noah Jones Percussion
  • Meade Klingensmith Tenor
  • Summer Lusk Triple Cello
  • James Luttrell Percussion
  • Tom Rathe Double Second
  • Galen Rogers Triple Cello
  • Katie Rotman Tenor
  • Jeremy Siegel Tenor
  • Anne Thompson Double Tenor

Recorded in Clonick Hall, Oberlin, Ohio in May 2012

Engineered and Mastered by Paul Eachus and Ryan Miller

Cover Art by Emma Berg