Jus' Yenjai


  1. Lara's Theme trad., arr. Can Consortium
  2. O'Burro J. Wertheimer
  3. Astrud Basia/White, arr. A. Collins
  4. Late in the Evening P. Simon, arr. Can Consortium
  5. Sarah's Samba Can Consortium
  6. Oyelo Que Te Conviene E. Palmieri
  7. El Queredon J. Wertheimer
  8. Sonido Bestial Ray/Cruz, arr. Can Consortium


  • Ellen Clegg tenor
  • Margaret Ewing tenor
  • Erin Marks tenor
  • Samir Succar tenor
  • Joel Hamburger double seconds
  • Ben Shaykin double seconds
  • Rhian Davies double seconds
  • Sara Webb cellos
  • Katie Tallman cellos
  • Amy Cullinan cellos
  • Liz Blayney cellos
  • Aashish Mehta bass
  • Pat Buzby drums
  • David Silva percussion
  • Eben English percussion

Recorded at First Church, Oberlin, OH, on May 24, 1995.

Late in the Evening recorded live at the Cat in the Cream, Oberlin, OH, on May 13, 1995.

Engineering by Andy Russ

Mastering by Joel Hamburger